Home Physician Care specializes in providing primary medical care for the elderly and disabled in a comfortable setting – your home. In order to preserve your dignity and independence, we bring the doctor's office to you.

Home Physician Care provides in-home senior care, including chronic disease management. We treat the unique needs of the homebound patient. Our goal is to provide high quality, responsive, in-home primary medical care to improve your health, manage your medications, and reduce hospitalizations and ER visits.

Home Physician Care coordinates with other senior care services such as: home health agencies, DME providers, hospitals, and other medical professionals. These services include:

  • Physical examinations and treatment
  • Regular medical visits
  • Medication management and refills
  • Referral and coordination of specialty and in-patient care
  • Diagnostic testing, such as EKG, Ultrasound, Pulse Oximetry, X-Ray, IV medications and Spirometry
  • Blood draws and lab work
  • Wound care assessment and treatment
  • Medical equipment authorizations
  • Home health authorizations and Care Plan Oversight

Hospitalization and Nursing Homes

If you or your loved one require hospitalization, a nursing home or skilled nursing in a facility, we will work with you and your family to coordinate the move and transition your care to another physician. Our wide coverage area and number of facilities inhibits our ability to meet the needs of both you and each individual hospital/nursing home clinical team. We do, however, have relationships with local hospitalist programs and can coordinate care with their staff. We will relay medical history, send records and work with discharge planners to transition you back to your home.

Cost and Billing for Home Visits

We are your Medicare home doctor. Home Physician Care accepts Medicare, Medicare advantage plans, and Medicaid. We also accept secondary insurances and most commercial insurance plans. No additional charges or hidden costs. You pay the applicable co-pay, co-insurance, or deductible charged for a traditional office visit.

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